Solution to pay USA debt


USA National Debt was $ 26.708 trillion on 01 september 2020. Well let us write about $ 27. trillion on USA debt.

TODAY dynamic position

      Before or after according to the point of view to take as available priority to analyze for your ponderation :

"The federal government collected revenues of $3.5 trillion in 2019—equal to about 16.3 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). Over the past 50 years, federal revenue has aver-aged 17.4 percent of GDP, ranging from 20.0 percent (in 2000) to 14.6 percent (most recently in 2009 and 2010).",recently%20in%202009%20and%202010). 

In another hand :

The size of the U.S. economy was at $20.58 trillion in 2018 in nominal terms and is expected to reach $22.32 trillion in 2020. 

   Reasoning :   GDP 23 trillion x 17.4 % = 4.002 trillion... in same proportion GDP... expected to collect on 2020 ;

   There would be : [$ 4. trillion (2020) / $3.5 trillion (2019)] a 14.3% increase expected in tax collection in 2020 at the same fiscal pressure.

 First conclusion :

In the current situation framed by the Classical Economy, there is no hope of success to pay USA debt, unless it evolves politicaly impulsed towards an Economy with 4 gestures (containing an investment substitute) adapting it at structurally to the Internet space.

Solving by the practice of an investment's substitute :

The money datevaluation in Internet space is able to solve by Do_G_Phone.

At the end after lacking 30 years the Internet factor has to be treated by the Economy Principles. 

We propose here to add an investment substitute to drag infinite wealth from a virgin space. It would be "datevaluation practice" which inserts adapted principles with this fourth economic gesture :

1. works in cash phase giving folks (economic agents) the ability to revert digital savings in cash, at any time ;

2. adds the savings time at the saved money, running into Internet marked-webspace at the economic-agent name ;

3. gives cash-sharing-cash production and daily results distribution of a cash production stream to remunerate folks able to create digital savings piped to US Federal Reserve for Universocial Sovereign Anchor ;

4. generates capital gains in a time market : TOM The Time Owned Market at New York.

Why the introduction of "datevaluation" practice would be an effective solution :

The money you spend, you don't save neither invest ;

The money you invest, you don't spend neither save ;

The money you save, you don't invest neither spend.

The money you timevaluate (by datevaluation into Internet space) contains all 3 others gestures, solve and increase self performance.

Yes because contrarywise :