Webtaxmatic mode


After you have reached at the money data-valuation practice you started on the upgraded economy 4G3W.

It means that you had make the transit :

from _ the classical economy in which you where provided with 3 options to act over your money ;

to _ the economy 4G3W in which you are now provided with 4 options (the 3 classical options = consumption, savings, investment) + 1 new option of "data-valuation" (seeking capital gains risfree + money multiplication capacity without gaming to help you get money savings) all 4 disposed at your free choice at any moment to guide the utility of your money.

Now you know that the thing runs by #googledepending cloud service in mode #cashkeeping ( your cash stay cash, just it share cash production to share day cash results) using the app P.S.H.-Personal Savings Helper which you get for free in basis of your @timestamp registration at the WUW's General Ledger for The Webcash Universocial Web advantage with delivered download app giving you the money data-valuation capacity in web dynamics by internet.

Now you begin to know how big is your BPaaS - Business Process as a Service that runs into Google Cloud Platform money pipes in Internet using for free webmatic dynamics to you get cash from cash just adding time data to your money digitalized in UUS$$ digital dollars under agreement contained in protocol with The US Federal Reserve.

Since your first gesture of data-valuation from upon at least US$ 10.- allocated to the production at the USA-Universocial Sovereign Anchor you did got your first dollar digital by shifting the asset of US 10.- into the asset property of 1 Owndated Webquantum with reversible digital quality from it situation cash_sharing_cash production enabling you for day cash results, to return to your cash by simple "cashcall" order at the screen of your Do-G-Phone operating your P.S.H.-Personal Savings app.

Well now you have catched a glimpse of that the design of the US digital dollar require your personal creation, starting with the adjunction of your name at each US$ 10.- to cloud digitalize/1 accounted recorded OW-Owndated Webquantum property with 1 date @stamped (to count the time of production at the USAchor of each cell UUS$$ digital dollar singularized by each person using the Time Market (The TOM-Time Owned Market in stade of formation predictible at New York).

Look now !

The cash producted at the Sovereign Anchor (Fed's guaranty of cash production is served every day to the acters - to you too - at the organized Time Market.

Every day at 12:00 the appliance of results at T.O.M. follows the policy verified by inspection of The TIGTA.

All the results appear in mode #webcashmatic and for you enjoy in freedom, all dayly payments are achieved in mode #webtaxmatic.

It's clear enought ?

Please, require Google for #googledepending protocols conclusions with the W3Consortium and with US Administration.

  • Promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in administering the Nation's tax system.

Protocole for :

Preying on the Web: Tax Collection in the Digital Savings World

Financial DNA-Dynamic Nominal Account of personalized digital savings properties

Webcashaccount flashed position

World's regulation to start running your PSH Personal Savings Helper using data-valuation into Economy 4G3W

Once launched the money data-valuation practice as the investment substitute allowing daily cash results for the owners of self created digital savings it was predictible the draft proposal of a protocole between Google/WUW's BPaaS and TIGTA The Treasury Inspetor General for Tax Administrati for the tax collection of the webcashmatic results applied every 24 hours at the TOM The Time Owned Market treating all Personlized Digital Savings and it time as a good.

The webtaxmatic mode is the automatic tax treatment applied to all webcashmatic income generated by the ownership of digital savings and consequent income.

The treatment consists of the deduction of any and all tax obligations to the US Treasury at the time of the webcashmatic payment provoked by the productive event as results on the daily applications.

The webtaxmatic mode is one of the advantages protected by the "smart contract" trigered by each datevalors person and it produces total fiscal freedom for the use of webcashmatic income.

Time contained on savings

Time worked as a good on a time market

It's time to deal time

Shifting asset by data-valuation of US$ 10.-/ 1 O.W.

A smart contract for the money data-valuation as a BPaaS (Business Process as a Service) is proposed for free execution allowing the creation of "digital savings" properties using a PSH Personal Savings Helper app downloadable at Google Play for free.

WUW The Webcash Universocial Web

WUW's General Ledger enregistrement for data-valuation, deliver app code PSH Personal Savings Helper, connections by smart contract to Universocial Sovereign Anchor for cash sharing production-cash sharing results each day at 12:00 at TOM The Time Owned Market in Bid & Ask organized time exchanges .

WUW's BPaaS includes all records of personalized properties creation activity, source of each digital savings account.

PSH-Personal Savings Helper

App for the practice of the money data-valuation

Using BPaaS, WUW The Webcash Universocial Web company delivery business process on smart contract base for personal singularization on digital savings creation organizing best practices with the benefits of Google's cloud computing provisioning.

BPaaS for free use of datevalors persons (data-valuation users).

How singular are the Fed's digital US dollars properties that you create ?

1 Owndated Webquantum

Each Owndated Webquantum is created by the data-valuation of US$ 10.-. This digital object serves as :

  • 1 generator cell of cash production ;

  • 1 reserve of value with free reconversion ;

  • 1 support determinant cash results application ;

  • 1 property with time-container for exchanges.

Investment substitut challenge 200120

First protocol for : Tax Collection in the Digital Savings World

Ask Google to agree with USAdmin for giving folks a PSH Personal Savings Helper app to go up forever

If you like to collaborate against sharing my copyrights, you are welcome. Please inform me I'll answer asap.

Thank you.

Your predictive PSH - Personal Savings Helper app (an Andoid one) is waiting protocoles and deliveries codes expected as cronologic inscription. All is free for everybody and forever.